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Exploded Parts Views and Service Manual for the Taylor 338 Soft Serve Machine

Service manual, catalog, mechanical drawings of parts, and parts list for the Taylor 338 soft serve machine. FrozenYogurtParts.com is your source for all your ice cream machine and frozen yogurt or soft serve needs.

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Service Manual

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Parts List and Part Numbers

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Item Description Part No.
1 Cover A.-Hopper X38458-SER
2 Gasket-Hopper Cover 038474
3 Orifice 022465-100
4 O-ring 3/8 OD X .070 W 016137
5 Tube A.-Feed SS 5/32 Hole X29429-2
6 O-ring.643 OD X .077 W 018572
7 Panel-Rear 051600
8 Louver-Side Top 051191
9 Panel A.-Side Upper Right X48596
10 Panel-Side 048487
11 Panel A.-Side Left X51596-SER
12 Stud-Nose Cone 022822
13 Panel A.-Front X51590
14 Pan A.-Drip-15-1/8 Long X51601
15 Shield-Splash 23 Long 022766
16 Tray-Drip 22-7/8 L X 5-1/8 W 014533
17 Leg-4” SS W/O-ring 013458
18 Skirt-Air Flow 048489

ItemDescriptionPart No.
1Seal-Drive Shaft032560
3Beater A.-2.8qt-HelicoreX35466
6Gasket-Door Ht 4"-Double048926
7O-ring-3/8 OD X .070W016137
9Handle A.-Draw *WhiteX81010-SP
9cO-ring-1/4 OD X .070W 50015872
12Valve A.-DrawX69539
13O-ring-7/8 OD X .103W-SIL083693
14Cap-Design 1.010"ID-6 Point014218
15O-ring-5/16 OD X .070W016272
16Rod A.-PivotX20683
17Door A.-3 SpoutX51532-15
17aBaffle A.-Short 4”X50883