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Exploded Parts Views and Service Manual for the Stoelting F131 Soft Serve Machine

Service manual, catalog, mechanical drawings of parts, and parts list for the Stoelting F131 soft serve machine. FrozenYogurtParts.com is your source for all your ice cream machine and frozen yogurt or soft serve needs.

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Service Manual

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Parts List and Part Numbers

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Not all part list images are included below. See Service Manual link for more parts images and diagrams.

149003Bushing - Front Auger Support2
232734Cap - Rosette – Teardrop3
314453Cover – Hopper2
381804Auger Flight6 (E131) 8 (F131)
482019Knob - Front Door (Black)4
624598-5O-Ring - Outside Spigot - Black (5 Pack)4
624614-5O-Ring - Top & Bottom Center Spigot - Black (5 Pack)2
624664-5O-Ring - Middle Center Spigot - Black (5 Pack)1
624677-5O-Ring - Mix Inlet - Black (5 Pack)4
624678-5O-Ring - Rear Seal - Black (5 Pack)2
625133O-Ring - Front Door – Red2
666786Seal - Rear Auger – Black2
694255Spring - Auger Flight6 (E131) 8 (F131)
744260-SVTray – Drip1
744262Tray - Drain (Black Plastic)1
744271Insert - Drip Tray (Black Plastic)1
2149243-01Mix Inlet Assembly - 3/16” Hole - Extended Length (2LA)2
2177072Extension - Spigot - 1.5”-
2177073Extension - Spigot - 2.5”-
2177074Extension - Spigot - 3.2”-
2177428Door w/Pins1
2187811Spigot Body – Center1
2187812Spigot Body – Outer2
3170644Support - Front Auger2
4157952Auger Shaft2 (E131)
4157968Auger Shaft2 (F131)