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Exploded Parts Views and Service Manual for the Donper BT7180 Soft Serve Machine

Service manual, catalog, mechanical drawings of parts, and parts list for the Donper BT7180 soft serve machine. FrozenYogurtParts.com is your source for all your ice cream machine and frozen yogurt or soft serve needs.

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Service Manual

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Parts List and Part Numbers

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Description Part No.
Donper Dispenser Door O-Ring 25063449
Donper/Aurel Middle Draw Valve H-Ring 92935180
Donper/Aurel Draw Valve O-Ring 87539672
Donper Door Bearings 38778848
Donper/Aurel Star Caps 42572021
Donper Shaft Seal 95019531
Donper Air Cap O-Ring 88139538
Donper Scraper Blade 91592407
Donper Feed Tube O-Ring 62991333