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Exploded Parts Views and Service Manual for the Electro Freeze 88TN/88T-CMT Soft Serve Machine

Service manual, catalog, mechanical drawings of parts, and parts list for the Electro Freeze 88TN/88T-CMT soft serve machine. FrozenYogurtParts.com is your source for all your ice cream machine and frozen yogurt or soft serve needs.

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Service Manual

Not available. See below for exploded parts views and part names.

Parts List and Part Numbers

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Not all part list images are included below.

No. Part Name Part Number
1 Head Dispense HCD116041
2 O-Ring Head HCD159309
3 Bushing HCD138427
4 Plunger Dispense Side HCD137174
5 O-Ring Plunger HCD160501
6 Plunger Dispense Center HCD138009
7 Push Rod Assembly HCD116089
8 Plug, Air Bleed HC138149
9 O-Ring Regulator HCD160610
10 Pin Lever HC160269
11 Knob Hand HCD162625
12 Handle Side Assembly HC110007
13 Handle Center Assembly HC114808
14 Nozzle Serrated HCD196185

No. Part Name Part Number
1 Shaft Assembly HC117080
2 Blade, Scraper Short HCD138086 --> 80-138086-F
3 Blade, Scraper Long HCD138839 --> 80-138839-F
4 Washer, Shaft Seal HCD111875
4a Washer, Shaft Seal HCD111875
4b Washer, Shaft Seal HCD111875
4c O-Ring Seal HCD160500
5 Bushing HCD138427