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Auger Flight for Stoelting Soft Serve Machines - 381804-F

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Product Description
Machined with a high quality, FDA approved polymer material to maximize product lifespan. Flight base is 98mm long. Diameters of the three holes are 15mm, 10mm and 10mm. Distance between center of 10mm hole closest to end and 15mm hole closest to other end is 70mm. Distance between center of one 10mm hole and other 10mm hole is 45mm. Compatible with Stoelting Part #381804.

Product Use
The auger flight's function is to scrape frozen product off of the walls of the freezing cylinder to allow the product in the freezing cylinder to attain the correct product temperature. The auger flight sits on the auger via the auger shaft's pegs.

How Do I Know When To Replace This Part
Each auger flight is manufactured with a "wear line". Over time, the plastic of the auger flight is worn down closer and closer to the wear line. Once the wear line is reached, you should replace your auger flight.

Recommended Replacement Schedule
Stoelting recommends that you replace this part every six months or when you notice wear or failure.

Fits The Following Stoelting Soft Serve Machine Models
E111, E131 I2, E131 YG2, E131I, E131YG2, Endura 131, F111, F131, F131 I2, F131 YG2, F131-I2, F131I, F131YG2, F144, F144 I2, F144-I2, F144I, F231, F431, Futura 131, Futura F131, Futura F144, Futura F144I, O111, O231, O411, O431, O431 I2, O431-I2, O431RC, OPTIMA 111, SF121 I2, SF121-I2, SF144, SF144 I2, SF144-I2, SF144I, SU444, SU444 I2, SU444-I2, U421, U431, U431 I2, U431-I2, U444, U444A, 217, 112, 131G, 217R, 225R, 237R, 238R Machines; This part is also compatible with Aurel machines as it is same as Aurel part #12133769.