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Spaceman Rosette Star Cap for Soft Serve Machines (3 Pack) - 70-340503002-F3

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Product Description
Machined with a high quality, FDA approved polymer material to maximize product lifespan. Compatible with Spaceman Part # and Spaceman Part #

Product Use
The rosette cap's function is give an aesthetically pleasing look and form to the dispensed frozen product. This cap is a six-pointed star design.

How Do I Know When To Replace This Part
The caps are most often replaced when their ability to snap on to the door spout has diminished. Really worn out rosette caps will not stay on the door spout when frozen product is dispensed.

Recommended Replacement Schedule
You replace this part as needed.

Fits The Following Spaceman Soft Serve Machine Models
SM-6250, SM-6235, and most other Spaceman Machines